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Buyer's Guide: Significant Discounts on New 17" MacBook Pros, Other Macs

Our affiliate partner MacMall is offering discounts across all of Apple's Macs this week. While this alone is not generally newsworthy, MacMall is also offering MacRumors readers an additional 3% off MacBook Pros in addition to the current sales prices. This discount applies to the just-released unibody 17" MacBook Pro as well as the existing 15" models.

The most significant combined discount brings the price of the entry level 15" MacBook Pro (unibody) down to $1742.99 (from $1999 retail). Meanwhile, the brand-new 17" MacBook Pro (unibody) can be had for $2610.18 (from $2799 retail).

Current ModelRetail
13" White MacBook$999-$59.01
13" 2GHz MacBook$1299-$99.01
13" 2.4GHz MacBook$1599-$100.01
15" 2.4GHz MB Pro$1999-$57.00-$256.01
15" 2.53Ghz MB Pro$2499-$72.90-$241.91
17" 2.66GHz MB Pro (Glossy)$2799-$83.82-$188.82
17" 2.66GHz MB Pro (Matte)$2849-$85.32-$90.32
17" 2.93GHz MB Pro (Glossy)$3099-$92.82-$97.82
17" 2.93GHz MB Pro (Matte)$3149-$94.32-$99.32
1.6GHz MacBook Air$1799-$79.01
1.8GHz SSD MacBook Air$2499-$129.01
Mac Pro 2.8GHz$2799-$199.01
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MacRumors discounts are "instant" and are applied after items are added to the shopping cart (screenshot). Use embedded links above to get discounts. Additional discounts are for MacBook Pros only, though many other products may have their own discounts. Most of these offers will expire on Jan 22nd. MacMall is a site affiliate partner and sales benefit MacRumors financially.

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