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Last Minute Rumors: DRM Free iTunes, Mac Mini, iPhone Tethering

With Macworld Expo kicking off in a matter of hours, a number of last minute rumors have appeared today.

- CNet reports that Apple has cut deals that will allow iTunes to offer copy-protection free (DRM free) songs from the largest music labels. In exchange, Apple is said to offer more flexible pricing.

Under the terms of the deal, song prices will be broken down into three categories--older songs from the catalog, midline songs (newer songs that aren't big hits), and current hits--said one of the sources.

Beyond this, Apple has also come to an agreement to deliver over-the-air downloads which will allow iPhone users to download music directly on their iPhones. These announcements could be announced at Macworld.

- Arstechnica points out one press release by SeeFile software that reveals the software supports the "new Apple Mac Mini".

- TUAW suggests we may finally see an AT&T / iPhone tethering deal announced this week, according to a "trusted" source.

MacRumors will have live coverage of the keynote at The keynote kicks off at 9 a.m. Pacific on Tuesday, Jan 6th.

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