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More Vendors Downsizing or Withdrawing from Macworld SF 2009?

AppleInsider claims that following Adobe's withdrawl from exhibiting at Macworld San Francisco, both Belkin and Seagate will also not be exhibiting. Belkin historically has been one of Macworld's biggest exhibitors.

The move is deemed especially surprising for Belkin, which has not only been one of Macworld Expo's largest exhibitors in the past but is believed to have already paid for its booth space this year, people aware of the situation say.

Meanwhile, Google is said to be downsizing their booth size as well as a couple of other unnamed vendors.

While the worsening economy is cited as the likely reason, much of the cost for the spaces have reportedly already been collected. Regardless, as a result, they expect Macworld 2009 to be a smaller show than last year. MacRumors, of course, will be present to provide coverage of the show. Apple is expected to introduce new products at the event which kicks off on January 5th, 2009.