Safari Tops 7% Of Browser Market Share, Mac OS X On The Rise

Apple's Safari web browser has crested 7% of worldwide browser market share according to online research firm Net Applications.

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While Safari's accomplishment is significant the biggest winner is clearly Mozilla's Firefox which crested 20% market share and climbed nearly an entire percentage point in one month. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer continues to bleed market share and now sits below 70%, a 1.5% decline from October 2008.

The news is similar for Microsoft and Apple's respective operating systems, with Microsoft Windows falling below 90% market share for the first time according to Net Applications and Apple's Mac OS X approaching 9%.

Net Applications gathers their market share numbers differently from sales-based statistics compiled by firms like Gartner or IDC in that they use identifying information from internet browsers. Therefore, their statistics best describe the installed internet-using population.

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