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Apple Promotes Environmentally Friendly Notebooks in New Ad

Apple has set up a new page promoting their MacBooks as the "world's greenest family of notebooks."

When we redesigned the new Macbook, our designers and engineers set a goal of making not only the greenest notebook Apple ever produced, but the greenest family of notebooks. So every new Macbook has been built using materials that are highly recyclable and free of many harmful substances present in other computers.

Apple claims that they have worked hard to eliminate many toxins, including mercury and arsenic, and the unibody enclosure is promoted as desirable to recyclers. Other benefits include reduced packaging and more energy efficiency. Apple has also posted a new television advertisement promoting this campaign.

The ad began airing tonight. Apple has been criticized in the past by some over environmental concerns. Apple has been posting regular updates about their progress with respect to the environmental impact of their products.