MacBook Speculation Increases While We Wait

While many readers await definitive news of a MacBook update, the void of legitimate rumors have triggered ongoing speculation about the anticipated release.

For lack of any new details, a lot of speculation has focused on the "Brick" codename that was first revealed by 9to5Mac. It seems any story about a possible Apple product tries to tie it to the mysterious codename. The problem with most of these predictions is that they ignore that the origin of the name relates exclusively to the new MacBook. There seems little chance that "brick" represents a new class of product.

The July rumor that Apple may adopt alternative chipsets has recently gotten a bit of traction with speculation that Apple could adopt the NVidia chipset which is scheduled for release on October 15th.

Readers may recall that October 14th is the rumored date of the Apple notebook refresh. There have been some incorrect reports that Apple had planned some sort of announcement on September 30th, but that simply turned out to be a routine conference call with their resellers.

And no lead up to a release would be complete without likely fake spy shots which claim to depict the new MacBook Pro.

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