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Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4) Only a Minor Update?

AppleInsider details some of the upcoming changes in Adobe Creative Suite 4 which is said to be shipping next month. According to individuals who have seen private demos of the new applications, the updates are said to be "minor":

People privy to private demonstrations of Creative Suite 4 say the update will generally be minor, with only a few new features tacked on to each application. "The lack of compelling new features has been the discussion among many employees and customers that are testing the software," one of those people said, "with many relating CS4 to a maintenance release rather than a complete new version."

Photoshop CS4 will see interface updates that we have previously detailed and also gain a new 3D feature which allows 3D objects to be imported as wireframes. Additional features include a Flash services panel, natural canvas rotation, content aware image resizing and 64-bit support for Windows users.

Other features for CS4 listed include:

- InDesign CS4 will get a new Flash export option
- Flash CS4: new timeline called Motion Editor, object-based motion tween model
- Screen-sharing collaboration
- Kuler (color creation and sharing) and Adobe Drive (filesharing) support

Adobe is expected to officially announce CS4 on September 23rd.

Update: Some commenters disagree with this assessment of a "minor" update based on experience with the current CS4 betas.