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Psystar to Countersue Apple for Anticompetitive Practices

As previously reported, Psystar is planning on countersuing Apple for anticompetitive business practices, as reported by CNet. Psystar is a small company that made headlines when it started selling Mac-compatible PCs in April. Apple filed a lawsuit against the company based on a copyright infringement claim.

Psystar defends its actions and describes Apple's claims as "misinformed and mischaracterized."

Psystar argues that its OpenComputer product is shipped with a fully licensed, unmodified copy of Mac OS X, and that the company has simply "leveraged open source-licensed code including Apple's OS" to enable a PC to run the Mac operating system.

Psystar will reportedly countersue Apple and invoke the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act to prove that Apple's tying of Mac OS X to Apple-labeled hardware as "an anticompetitive restrain of trade". Experts have said that such an argument will be hard to make.