Psystar Lawyer Hints at Anti-Trust Defense

Computerworld reports on comments made by Psystar's attorneys who suggest that anti-trust issues may arise in their defense of the Mac-clone company. Apple sued Psystar in July after Psystar had begun selling a Mac-compatible computer almost two months prior. Apple's lawsuit not only asked for the cessation of sales but also for a recall of all computers sold. Such a move would, of course, bankrupt the small clone company.

Some other intellectual property lawyers agree that Psystar "would be smart to play the antitrust card".

"What Psystar might say is, 'What we would like to do is use the Mac operating system's unique features more broadly on a variety of hardware,'" said Handler then. "I think it's a very, very hard argument to make, but I wouldn't be surprised if they tried.

Carr & Ferrell LLP, the law firm that is representing Psystar, has gone up against Apple before in another intellectual property case involving Colby Springer, one of Psystar's lawyers, promises "This will be an interesting case."