Apple's September Quarter Mac Sales Projected to be "Massive"

AlleyInsider reports that RBC analyst Mike Abramsky is projecting that Apple will ship 3.04 million Macs in the current quarter than ranges from July to September.

If accurate, this would represent 41% year-over-year growth for Mac sales for the company. Apple's short term outlook also looks remarkably positive as well as AppleInsider reports that the analyst found in a survey that "34 percent of respondents intend to purchase a Mac notebook in the next 90 days, while another 30 percent plan to buy a Mac desktop."

The strong quarterly sales are attributed to both the Back to School promotion as well as an iPhone "halo effect". The halo effect describes an increased tendency for customers to purchase a Mac after first buying an iPhone. The term was first used in conjunction with Apple when describing a similar effect that iPod has had on Mac sales.

For students interested in buying a new Mac at this time, the expiring Back to School promotion presents a bit of a dilemma. Apple is currently offering a new iPod Touch with most Mac purchases until September 15th. Rumors, however, predict that Apple will introduce new laptops as well as a new iPod Touch shortly after the end of the promotion.

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