Far Out Labs has released their ProRemote Light [$39.99, App Store] and ProRemote [$149.99, App Store] applications to the iTunes App Store.

ProRemote is a product that runs on the iPhone and iPod Touch that uses your existing wireless network to control professional audio products such as Digidesigns ProTools and Apples Logic Music production systems.

The full version of ProRemote also includes a dedicated transport view that allows the user to do audio scrubbing/shuttling, set markers (memory locations) and control many advanced aspects of the transport as well as basic play, record, and return to zero.

The developer plans to provide many upgrades to the full version of ProRemote including enhanced support for other Digital Audio Workstations, custom commands, remote layouts and full macro support as well as support for Windows.

A comparison between the Full and Light editions are provided in this feature comparison chart. The developer also provides this demo video:

[via iLounge]

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