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NetShare Unlikely to Return to U.S. App Store

Despite some early assurances, it appears that Nullriver's NetShare application may not return to the U.S. App Store at all. NetShare was an iPhone application that appeared briefly in the iTunes App Store before its removal. The application allowed users to share their iPhone's cellular internet connection with their laptop over Wi-Fi.

In speaking to, the developer reports that Apple is currently reviewing user contracts with their mobile phone providers, including AT&T. Wired got hold of an AT&T spokesperson who confirmed that tethering is not allowed in the AT&T terms of service.

As a result, it seems unlikely that NetShare will return to the U.S. App Store but it does leave open the possibility that it will be available to international customers whose mobile carriers do not have such restrictions. Despite the removal of the application from the App Store, customers who purchased the application prior to its removal can continue to use it on their iPhones.