iPhone Notes: More Google Apps, International Expansion, Games

A few more iPhone notes that we missed last week:

- Google is preparing more native iPhone applications that will be ready for the launch of the iTunes App Store in June.

While not divulging the specifics of what Google is planning, Gundotra says the company is eager to take advantage of access to the native device. It also plans to continue offering Web-based apps, which offer the advantage of continuous updates and improvements.

- One rumor claims that the iPhone could be released in Canada with an inexpensive $7 browsing plan.

- After original restricting iPhone sales to one per customer, AT&T has reversed this decision, claiming now to have sufficient inventory to revert back to their original restriction of 3 per customer.

- TouchArcade.com reports on two upcoming native games for the iTunes App Store in June: Balls of Steel and Bubble Space.

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