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T-Mobile Confirms 3G iPhone in Austria?

According to Austrian newspaper Der Standard, T-Mobile Austria has confirmed the 3G iPhone. According to the article, T-Mobile announced at press conference in Vienna that the 3G (UMTS) version of the iPhone will soon be available and that Austria will be the test market for the new phone. Austria will reportedly be one of the first countries worldwide to receive the new phone. The new phone is also said to be available with more "flexible" pricing.

Few other details are provided and there appear to be no other reports of this press conference online. Meanwhile, contacted T-Mobile Austria and their reply was (translated) "Yes, we plan to bring the iPhone with UMTS-support to market, but can't and are not allowed to say when yet."

Apple launched the original iPhone in Austria less than two months ago. There have been other recent reports that several European countries will be launching the 3G iPhone in the coming weeks to months.