CrazyKart 2 Game Preview for iPhone

Int13, a french mobile game developer, let us know that they had successfully started porting their Crazy Kart 2 game over to the iPhone.

- 320 * 320 pixels playing area
- Touch controls with a virtual steering wheel
- 3 vehicle classes (karts, motorbikes, hovercrafts)
- 6 characters with different vehicles
- Downloadable content (new vehicles, new tracks)
- Wifi online multiplayer with match making and up to four simultaneous players a

This game was originally created for Windows Mobile and Symbian Smartphone. They wrote:

Thanks to it's simplified controls and flexible camera system it was not too hard to adapt it's interface for the iPhone touch screen, but we're still evaluating alternatives (like tilt control and landscape display)

The game is perfectly smooth on the iPhone : constant 60 FPS with a pure software engine, we already plan to work on a sequel with a full 3D accelerated engine to exploit the full potential of the device.

A release date has not been set, but targeted for a July release based on the Youtube comments.