Next MacBook and MacBook Pro Updates in June?

DailyTech reports that Intel is planning to replace the Santa Rosa mobile platform with Montevina this June. More specifically, they claim that Apple will be revising their notebooks again this June to incorporate newest chipsets:

Apple insiders confirmed the company will refresh its notebook lineups in June, which comes as no surprise since all Centrino partners indicated they will announce notebooks based on the new Montevina Centrino 2.

Alongside the platform refresh will be new Penryn processors with faster front-side buses (1066MHz) than the current revisions (800MHz). Apple just updated their MacBook Pro with the latest Penryn processors,

Menawhile, Digitimes details Intel's aggressive timetable with plans for Santa Rosa (Merom) to drop from 60% of shipments in the 1st quarter to 35% of shipments in 2nd quarter. Even the just released Santa Rosa (Penryn) is expected to be phased out by year's end to make room for Montevina.

Indeed, we had heard that Apple's introduction of Penryn-based MacBooks ahead of their usual product cycle was due to Intel's planned phase out of the older chips.

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