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Apple Increases Mac Production, Decreases iPod?

Banc of America sources (via iLounge) in Asia claim that Apples desktop and notebook production numbers have been increased by 20% from Apple's early January estimates, suggesting stronger than expected demand for Apple's computers.

Firm believes production numbers should continue to move up throughout the quarter. MacBook Air orders also increased slightly for March, contributing to the upside. They continue to believe that desktops and notebooks are the key driver of the story.

Meanwhile, iPod production numbers are said to be significantly reduced by 10-20% from early January's estimates, suggesting slower demand than expected for the popular music player.

Recent outlooks have suggested growth in Apple's Mac marketshare, and the latest Net Applications numbers (methodology) from January 2008 reveal that the Mac had a 7.57% browser marketshare. This is up from 7.31% in December 2007.