MacBook Airs On Display at Apple Stores, Disassembly Photos

We've had reports of several Apple Stores setting up their MacBook Air displays overnight, confirming that today (Friday) is the retail launch of the MacBook Air.

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Overnight: Michigan Ave. Chicago

New York City's 5th Avenue store is open 24 hours and they had their MacBook Airs back on display as of midnight. They were not yet selling MacBook Airs, however.

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5th Avenue. NYC

Individual store stock may vary, so readers should contact their local stores for availability.

Meanwhile, iFixit provides a detailed disassembly of the MacBook Air. The breakdown takes the MacBook Air down to its components, and shows off how to remove the internal hard drive.

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A few interesting notes:

- A hard drive swap is definitely possible, but it's no longer a trivial procedure as in the MacBook.
- iFixit expects that 3rd party replacement batteries will be available soon.
- Same multi-touch controller chip as the iPhone and iPod touch.

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