Apple, NBC Universal Repairing Relations?

The Financial Times and Businessweek are independently reporting on an apparent soothing of relations between the heads of NBC and Apple.

The Financial Times interviews Jeff Zucker of NBC Universal, who gives praise to Apple and Steve Jobs.

"Weve said all along that we admire Apple, that we want to be in business with Apple, he said. Were great fans of Steve Jobs.

Meanwhile, Businessweek gets Jobs' take.

Well put it back together on the TV thing. Everybody lost (when Zucker pulled his content off iTunes). But NBC is a great company, and Apple is a great company, neither of which make a habit of ignoring their customers desires, he said. Fortunately, he half-joked, there was a writers strike, so it didnt matter as much as it might have.

Readers will realize that the tones have changed dramatically since rhetoric spiked a few months ago. Apple's recently overhauled Apple TV software may be encouraging dialogue between the companies.