ProPremote Pro Tools Controller App for iPhone

Gizmodo shows off a video of a 3rd party application for the iPhone that allows you to wirelessly control Pro Tools LE with realtime feedback.

"ProRemote will be going into beta next week," Alex told us, "currently the server is Mac only but will be an easy port to Windows later on (one thing at a time!) It is nearly feature complete now and runs on jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches."
"By the time I have gotten up and walked over to my console 10 times to adjust the levels, I no longer want to play music. This software allows me to control my rig from the drums or my guitar setup and hopefully keep the music flowing."

While a Beta will be released next week, the developer is looking to create an official version once Apple's SDK is released. The proprosed final price for the application is $150.