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New Santa Rosa MacBooks in Apple Stores [Confirmed]

In an unusual move, Apple has quietly shipped boxes of new MacBooks to their retail stores this week, many of which arrived today. Special instructions on these boxes indicated that they were not to be opened at this time. But according to reports, the boxes do contain updated Santa Rosa MacBooks. We've even heard claims that some have been inadvertantly sold to unsuspecting customers. A blurry spy photo is offered as "proof":

13.3/2.2/2X512/120/SD - DL White

The specs are said to be as follows [Confirmed]:

White 13.3"
$1099.00 2.0GHz/1GB RAM/80GB/Combo/GMA X3100
$1299.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM//120GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100

Black 13.3"
$1499.00 2.2GHz/1GB RAM//160GB/SD-DL/GMA X3100

The 2.0/2.2GHz speeds do suggest that these MacBooks are based on the Santa Rosa chipset, and they reportedly do include the X3100 integrated graphics chip that had been spotted amongst Leopard's drivers. Note that Apple often sells slightly upgraded models in their retail stores so the 160GB models may be retail configurations.

We can only assume they will be officially announced next Tuesday.

Update: The Apple Store is now showing the new specs.