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Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Software Update and Drivers

MacNN notes that of the two remaining "issues" listed in the latest Mac OS X Leopard seed (9A559), one was simply a test case for a new feature.

Mac OS X Leopard 9A559 was released to developers last week and listed two "known issues".

The first was an issue with "Archive installs" from Tiger to Leopard on PowerPC machines, and appears to be a true outstanding issue. The second issue, however, asked users to deselect HP printers and allow Leopard to update the HP drivers post-install via Software Update.

MacNN spoke with HP and found that this is actually a feature that Apple was testing rather than any particular bug.

"Although listed in Apples last developer Leopard Seed Note as an 'Issue', the recommendation to use Apples software update process to install the HP driver set for the Leopard developer seed is actually a test scenario, not a driver problem or bug issue.

It seems that future Mac OS X printer driver updates may simply become available through Apple's Mac OS X software update mechanism. A more extensive version of this technology had been previously rumored with the idea that Apple would open up their Software Update to major 3rd party applications to allow them to push updates to users.

Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) is scheduled for release in October.