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HD Radio: iTunes 'Tagging' Feature Announced

A press release reveals details about a new free service called "iTunes Tagging" that will be incorporated into HD Radio receivers. A new "tag" button will allow listeners to tag songs that they like to be purchased later in Apple's iTunes.

"iTunes tagging takes music discovery on the radio to the next level," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of iPod Product Marketing. "When a song plays on your HD Radio that you like, a simple push of a button will tag it and later give you the chance to preview, purchase, and enjoy it with iTunes and your iPod."

The tagging button will be available on HD radios made by Harman International Industries Inc's JBL unit and Polk Audio, recently purchased by Directed Electronics Inc..

This feature was predicted by Vnunet but incorrectly rumored to be a feature of the new iPods.