Samsung Announces 160GB 1.8" Hard Drive

Samsung has announced a 160GB 1.8" Hard Drive that would be suitable for use in devices such as Apple's iPod.

The 1.8 HDD has gained momentum from the mobile consumer markets as the storage medium of choice by providing high volume solutions at the most economical price points. Devices such as MP3 players and personal media players are using the 1.8 HDD as the storage medium to support music files, video and Internet access.

Apple's iPod is overdue for an update, with the last update almost a year ago. The high end iPod currently tops out at 80GB. Both Toshiba and Samsung have made steady advancements in these micro hard drives over the past year, but Apple has not yet taken advantage of these higher capacities.

Apple is widely expected to release new iPods in the coming months. The most recent circulating rumors point to fullsize touchscreen (iPhone-like) iPod to replace the high end iPod.