Notes Of Interest From Q/A

Due to the intimate setting of the press conference today, Apple elected to have a question and answer session with the attendees. Here are some of the notes of interest from that Q/A. For more complete coverage, please see sites with live updates from the event. Editor's Note: Q/A is paraphrased for brevity and readability

Q: Why aren't you participating in the "Intel Inside" sticker program?
A: We like our own stickers better. We love Intel, and we feel most people know that we use Intel processors. We'd rather customers not have to peel stuff off.

Q: What about the Mac Mini?
A: The Mac Mini is being refreshed today with faster processors.

Q: What about Apple TV?
A: Nothing about Apple TV today, but we'll have news regarding it soon.

Q: You have Multitouch on the iPhone. What about on the Mac?
A: It doesn't make a lot of sense right now on the Mac. We'd classify that as a research project.