3G iPhone for UK Customers?

NewsWireless.net (via Gadgettastic) is reporting that Apple has partnered with Vodafone, T-Mobile of Germany and Carphone Warehouse and is expected to announce the UK iPhone on Monday.

The most unusual part of the rumor is the expectation that the European iPhone will take advantage of Vodafone's 3G data networks.

Vodafone is currently in an ideal position to take on the iPhone, because its 3G network is hugely under-utilised. Pricing on mobile data is normally prohibitive, but Vodafone has recently revised its 3G data charges down, following "rip-off" complaints from users.

Steve Jobs was recently quoted explaining that the reason that the US iPhone didn't take advantage of 3G networks was due to size and battery considerations.

The European version of the iPhone is not expected until towards the end of the year.

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