More Leopard Screenshots, Details Emerging?

Fresh off the heels of the latest Leopard screenshot leak are new shots (mirrored via Gizmodo) showing some of Leopard's latest Safari and QuickView tricks. Credit once again to BabyGotMac for the original posting of the screenshots (although the site has once again gone down under the load).

Also out today is word from LoopRumors claiming to have inside information on some of Leopard's "Top Secret" features. According to the site, AppleTV integration is a "certainty", with AppleTV reportedly able to remotely display a Leopard-based Mac's desktop remotely on an HDTV. (Ed Note: similar screen-sharing technology has been previewed in Leopard's version of iChat AV).

Also of note, LoopRumors has claimed that Steve's iPhone demonstration may have been hiding one application that was "too buggy" to show at the time. The site indicates in its most recent posting that this application may have some ties to Leopard to further entice "switchers."