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Pogue's iPhone Frequently Asked Questions [Updated]

David Pogue has complied a list of frequently asked questions about the Apple iPhone. Pogue had some hands on time with the iPhone earlier this week.

A few of the more interesting/revealing answers are listed here:

- Does the Web browser support Flash or Java? No.
- Can it open Word and Excel documents? No. (Steve Jobs says it can open PDF files, though.)
- Will it sync with Outlook? No.
- Does it connect to standard iPod accessories like car docks and speaker systems? Yes!
- Wont the screen get smudgy? It does, but you dont see it except when the screen is off. The one I played with was pretty streaky, but wiping it on my sleeve cleaned it completely.

The full FAQ list is available at his blog.

[Update] David Pogue has posted his Ultimate iPhone FAQs List, Part 2.

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161 months ago
too bad its still great though!
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