iPhone, iPod Display Stand?

Forum member, applemax, had spotted something interesting at an Apple store in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It appears to be a stand for some sort of iPod device:

On holiday, I went into an Apple Store (today), and, you know in mobile phone shops, they have those little podiums where the phones are on the top where you can use them, etc...? Well, there was one in the store. The podium was white, which was lit up internally. On the top it had a wire with the plug at the end, which I assume was for keeping the phone's battery full all day. The plug was a dock connector of abnormal length and width (It was around the width of an iPod shuffle, and the length of about 4cm with a curved bottom/end like the iPod Shuffle 1G bottom) but had no logo on the front of it. The gap on the podium which would house the iPhone was shaped as an iPod nano but about a cm taller.

Always skeptical, forum members demanded photos of the stand, and were provided these videos:

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Photo from Video

The stand could easily represent a non-Apple product launch with Macworld and CES both kicking off this week, but does provide some interesting pre-Macworld speculation.