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Motorola Rokr Phone Ditching iTunes? [Update]

TGDaily reveals some FCC documents that a new Motorola Rokr (E6) phone will take a significant departure from current models.

The new phone is depicted in a black enclosure with a large touch screen and a "central track point" which resembles an iPod. In fact, the photos (photo 2) of the upcoming Motorola Rokr bears a surprising resemblance to our Apple phone artist rendition.

Beyond that, the Motorola Rokr is said to be dropping Apple's iTunes media player in favor of Real Networks' Real One player. This news comes amidst ongoing rumors of Apple's entry into the cell phone market.

Motorola has been the only cell phone manufacturer that has been licensed by Apple to play iTunes protected songs, but their first iTunes phones were met with poor reviews. It's uncertain if this news means that Motorola is planning on dropping iTunes support entirely or simply on certain models.
Update: The Motorola ROKR E3 also does not support iTunes, but is reportedly intended for international markets. The target market for the E6 mentioned above is not entirely clear. As well, the recently released Motorola Razr V3i does indeed support iTunes.