Apple Photokina Special Media Event [Updated]

Apple is hosting a Special Event today at Photokina. The invite-only media event was first reported in late August after members of the UK Press received invitations.

Details on the media event have been particularly scarce, but it is believed the event is currently taking place in Colonge, Germany.

There does not appear to be any live coverage for this event on the web. We will provide links or updates as they are received.
There have been rumors of Aperture updates and possibly MacBook updates at this event.

Updates: and MacTechNews are providing live updates. Information also from consolidated from the user reports. Summarized bullets:

Aperture 1.5 Announced
Demo of Aperture 1.5
More flexible use of storage. Photos on DVDs and other storage.
Offline media can be "edited"
Previews shown in high quality, even if stored on DVDs/"offline"
iLife, iDVD, iWork integration
Plug-in API offered. Plug Ins for Gettyimages, iStockPhoto, and Flickr available, with more coming
New Loupe, Magnification no longer tied to specific settings/steps.
Loupe shows color information
Improved Meta-data support, allowing meta data assigned to several images.
XMP format is supported
Better sharpening tool
New full-screen comparison mode for several images at once
iDVD, Keynote integration
iPod/iTunes integration. Transfer photos to your iPod
Free upgrade to existing Aperture users.
Available this week

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