Intel Active Management Technology (vPro) support for Apple? reports that at a Core 2 Duo chipset launch yesterday, an Intel general manager suggested that there were discussions to bring Intel's Advanced Manageability Technologies in vPro to Apple machines.

Intel's vPro is detailed on their site. vPro is essentially a marketing initiative, targeted at business customers, and incorporates dual core 64-bit chips, virtualization, and Active Management Technology (iAMT).

iAMT provides management and security software embedded in the chipset of the machine -- outside the reach of the operating system. This article describes the capabilities of iAMT:

Thanks to iAMT system administrators will be able to remotely set up new computers, download software updates, perform asset inventories and find and fix many problems even when target systems are turned off, the operating system has locked up or the hard drive has failed.

Intel provides an overview on their site.