Tidbits: X1900 ATI Video Card, MXM in iMac, Parallels for Mac Pro, Multifunction

A few tidbits from around the web:

Several readers have noted that the first Mac Pros with the ATI X1900 Graphics Card started shipping earlier this week. Photos of the graphics card can be seen in this thread.

Macsimumnews reports that the new 24" iMac incorporates a Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM) connector for its video card. The use of this standard connector potentially means that the video card in the newest iMac is upgradeable.

Parallels announced today that the Release Candidate of their virtualization software has been released. Notable improvements in this version include Mac Pro support and early Windows Vista Beta support.

A MacNN blog entry details a recent Apple patent which describes a multi-functional handheld device which can take the place of a number of other devices.

Disclosed herein is a multi-functional hand-held device capable of configuring user inputs based on how the device is to be used.