Wireless HDMI Prototype (High Definition Video)

ExtremeTech reports that Tzero Technologies and Analog Devices have announced a prototype wireless HDMI interface. The standards-based system allows manufacturers to stream high definition signals between audio/video equipment (TVs, DVD players).

The standard calls for link reliability of at least 95 percent, packet error rate of less than 1 in one hundred million, interference resistances for microwaves and cordless phones, and the ability to process three or more HD streams at 10 meters.

According to the article, the system will be demonstrated to various manufacturers over the next few months and be available for purchase in November.

While this announcement is not related to Apple, recent rumors have indicated that Apple could introduce a wireless video device next week. Of course, if Apple's device is intended to stream iTunes-downloadable movies, high definition video capabilities would likely not be required.

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