Apple Movie Store Details? Disney Movies First?

With the new Mac mini and iMac updates released today, it appears Apple will focus on their Movie initiative during their September 12th media event. Variety provides some details of the upcoming announcement.

As reported elsewhere, Variety expects Apple to provide movies for $9.99/download for older movies and $14.99 for new releases. This price range is reportedly a concession to movie studios who want variable pricing. Apple has long been a proponent of a one-price model. As a result, only Disney is said to be definitely on board with the initial launch with the other studios potentially joining in the next year.

In contrast, Amazon is also launching a movie store later this week, and they are expected to have all major movie studios signed on. Amazon's pricing will be in line with current movie download services ($9.99-$19.99).

An Associated Press report offers a similar perspective on the ongoing negotiations between Apple and the movie studios:

...substantial disagreements between studios and Apple remain to be resolved and Apple's movie service could launch with a limited number of films, according to two studio executives who asked to remain anonymous because talks were still ongoing.

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