Nike/Apple To Announce Partnership Tuesday? [Announced]

Multiple users claim that CNBC reported at 7 p.m. EST that Apple and Nike would issue some sort of announcement on Tuesday, May 23, 2006 relating to the iPod and Nike Apparel. Details are unclear at this time, as a link to the story could not be found on CNBC's site, but readers indicate that the announcement could range from a Shuffle-replacement iPod in Nike shoes (with accompanying bluetooth headphones) to a clothing line with special pockets for iPods.

A recent page 2 rumor claimed that the iPod Shuffle was being discontinued. Nike and Apple were previously rumored to be involved in some sort of relationship in 2004, when a blurb on Apple's retail site appeared for a short time indicating a cross-promotion was in the works.

Update: (Moved to Page 1) Steve Jobs and Nike CEO Mark Parker announced a partnership today at a press event in New York City attended by Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe.

The first product in the "Nike+iPod" partnership is called the "Nike+iPod Sport Kit" which will allow Nike+ footwear to wirelessly communicate with iPod Nanos. The specialty shoes will be able to communicate time, distance, calories burned, and pace on the Nano and store the information on screen and via audible feedback through headphones. The Sport Kit will be available in the next 60 days with a suggested retail price of $29 USD, and will require a Nike+ shoe and an iPod Nano.

This announcement appears to not have any bearing on the iPod Shuffle, as the product remains on Apple's website and online store.

Update: The ad campaign, shared by Apple and Nike, uses the slogan "Tune your run". Nike+ will be available in stores July 13. The Nike+iPod Sport Kit will require yet-to-be-released iTunes 6.0.5.

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