Apple iPod and iPhone Patents?

Macsimum News reports on more recent patent applications made by Apple which provide hints that they have been working on wireless iPod/iPhone technologies.

The most recent application reveals methods to use a portable wireless device to purchase digital media items over a phone interface over cellular networks or wireless data networks.

Also described is the use of a browser to interface and select songs, and also discusses the sale of RingTones as well. Apple had previously been rumored to be looking into introducing RingTone sales into the iTunes Music Store but this feature was reportedly cancelled.

Another recent patent application describes an audio interface for the iPod and other portable devices, giving users text-to-speech feedback.

The audio prompts provide audio indicators that allow a user to focus his or her visual attention upon other tasks such as driving an automobile, exercising, or crossing a street, yet still enable the user to interact with the user interface.