Virtualization for the (Intel) Mac? reports that a company called Parallels will be announcing their virtualization product for Intel-based Macs later this week.

According to a company representative, "We will enable users to run multiple operating systems (like Linux and Windows) simultaneously with Mac OS X".

This is distinct from the dual-boot solutions that have been previously described. Instead, users can run these alternative operating systems in a window under Mac OS X.

Several have suggested that this functionality could increase Apple's marketshare with businesses and consumers alike. WSJ Online notes that Japan's Aozora Bank Ltd. is already making the move to all Mac. They are planning to switch all 2,300 of their personal computers to Mac. The bank cites the strength of Mac OS X alone as the reason for their switch. Other surveys, however, have suggested that a large number of consumers would switch to Mac if also given the ability to run Windows easily.

More details on Parellels' solution should be available later this week. Microsoft has been said to be working on an Intel-version of Virtual PC as well, but no timeframe has been given.