No EFI Support on Windows Vista?

APCMag reports that Microsoft has made comments that the upcoming version of Microsoft Windows Vista will not support Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) booting as some had expected.

Many Intel Mac owners were expecting that Windows Vista support for EFI would allow users to easily boot the newest version of Windows on their Macs. The Intel Macs only incorporate EFI booting, while older PCs typically use BIOS.

ZDNet quotes an Apple Senior Software Architect who expressed his doubts that Vista would be easily bootable on the Intel Macs. Support for EFI booting was initially planned for only 64-bit versions of Windows while all Intel Macs presently have 32-bit chips (Core Duo). As well, he admits that Apple has not included much legacy code in their EFI implementation which would allow older BIOS dependent software from being directly supported.

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