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MacDailyNews posted a blurry user-submitted photo of what appears to be an Apple-branded aluminum cube. Text that included the photo submission read as following:

I was only able to snap one quick shot of this as I was only in there for about 30 seconds. I sort of stumbled upon it - can't say more about how or why. I only got about half a sec to look around back - there are a bunch of ports (and maybe a button or two) neatly arranged on the back (?) of the cube in a line along the bottom edge. It's about 8-inches square and 8-inches tall - a perfect cube. It seems to be made out of a similar material as a Power Mac - aluminum perforated with a round hole pattern, but they're smaller holes than found on a Power Mac. The top is the same material as the sides with the addition of the Apple logo, even though it doesn't look like it in the photo - I had to snap it quick, sorry.

I don't have any real detail on exactly what it's designed to do, but I know from other things I can't mention that it's media-related. Apple "Media Cube," maybe? Anyway, thought you guys would be interested.

Rumors of the reemergence of the cube come and go over time, and this is not a substantiation of this rumor. It is simply posted her for interest's sake.

[EDIT] This is a fake - a blurry photo of an Apple Design Award.