Intel iBooks with Front Row?

Appleinsider reports that Apple will be extending Front Row to be included with the iBook this spring.

According to the rumor site, Apple will be upgrading the iBook with a 13" wide-screen display alongside Front Row and the Apple Remote. Much like the recently released Intel iMac and MacBook Pro, the iBook will incorporate a built-in iSight and also come bundled with Photo Booth.

The iBooks are said to retain a similar design as currently shipping iBooks, and will retain Firewire 400 connectors contrary to previous reports. The 13" model is expected to consolidate and replace both the 12" and 14" form factors that are presently shipping. The name of the final product remains up for debate. Previous comments raised speculation that the iBook may adopt the "MacBook" name.

A previous report had placed the release of the iBook in the 2nd calendar quarter of 2006. All recent iBook rumors can be reviewed at

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