Apple, Intel and PC Manufacturers

TechNewsWorld provides some commentary about potential stumbling blocks in the upcoming relationship between Apple and Intel as well as Intel's past relationships with PC manufacturers.

According to the article, Intel's relationships with existing PC manufacturers have been strained over the years, due to a difference in goals:

Last week I spent some time with two of Intel's most visible partners and to say these folks were unhappy with Intel would be a gross understatement.

Beyond this, the writer claims that Apple's reputation for being a difficult partner as well. One recent report claimed that Apple's switch to Intel was even a surprise to IBM.

Toss in concerned and litigious PC manufacturers who believe that Apple may be getting special deals or earlier shipments from Intel, and it could make for an interesting year. Despite manufacturer's fears, at least one rumor claimed that despite Apple's efforts to obtain earlier chips, Intel was not agreeable.

In the next two weeks, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will take place between January 5-8, 2006 and is the expected launching ground for their new mobile processor (Yonah). Meanwhile, Macworld San Francisco will take place between January 9-13, 2006 where the first Intel Macs are rumored to be announced.