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iTunes in Top 10 U.S. Music Retailers

An NPD Press release is making headlines around the Mac web.

According the The NPD Group, in Q3 2005, Apple's iTunes Music store made its way into the Top 10 list of U.S. retailers based on "equivalent number of units sold". (Number in parenthesis are 2004's Q3 position)

1. Wal-Mart (1)
2. Best Buy (2)
3. Target (3)
4. (4)
5. FYE (10)
6. Circuit City (Tied for 5)
7. AppleiTunes (14)
8. Tower Records (Tied for 7)
9. Sam Goody (Tied for 5)
10. Borders (9)

NPD used 12 tracks per album in order to compare sales between physical CDs and individual tracks.