Intel iBook at MWSF (January) 2006?

ThinkSecret is adding its two cents on possible Intel-Mac releases at Macworld San Francisco in January of 2006.

ThinkSecret is citing that according to "highly reliable sources", Apple is planning on releasing their first entry-level Intel iBooks at the Macworld expo. Detailed specs are not available, but the rumor site hints that the iBook line may see a price drop by as much as $200 in some cases. While another Intel-based release is not out of the question, ThinkSecret expects there to only be consumer level products to be shipping with Intel processors at this early date.

There have been conflicting earlier reports on the possibility of Intel-based Macs at MWSF. A previous report claimed an Intel iMac release at MWSF with Powerbooks soon after, but Intel iBooks not expected until Spring.

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