Apple Trademarks 'Graphulator' and 'Bonjour' [Update]

A simple search for current trademarks by Apple Computer at The US Patent and Trademark office reveals a new trademark for "computer hardware; computer software" under the mark "Graphulator".

The trademark was filed on February 3rd 2005 by Apple Computer.

Apple has also trademarked 'Bonjour' in late January which is reportedly to be used to rename Apple's current Rendezvous technology due to litigation.

(A previous report from eWeek had hinted that Rendezvous would be renamed to Opentalk, but a final decision had not been made at the time of that article)

While Apple's trademarks have traditionally preceded new products, Apple does also hold trademarks for several names which have never been used. (Gigawire, iWrite and others).
Update: The leading candidate for "Graphulator", however, appears to be the recently Apple-acquired application Curvus Pro X.
Update: All references to Rendezvous has been changed to Bonjour in the latest Tiger seed. (8A385)