Cross-Platform Universal Emulation?

A story published by Wired News reports Transitive Corp. of Los Gatos, California has developed a product called QuickTransit, offering the possibility of emulation at near-native speed. It fully supports accelerated 3-D graphics and 80 percent computational performance on the main processor according to Wired. This means Macs could run Windows-native or Linux-native software with no recompiling necessary, with no noticeable loss in performance. This software version of a rosetta stone has reportedly been aquired by six different PC manufacturers with public announcements to come later this year. Transitive launched the software on Monday with versions for Itanium, Opteron, x86 and Power/PowerPC chips.

Transitive is attempting to move away from the term 'emulator' to describe their software, embracing instead 'hardware virtualization.' They are keen to keep away from emulator, since up until now the term has suggested "things that are very slow" according to Transitive's President & CEO Bob Wiederhold.