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Apple iTunes and Apple Store (PowerMac Price) Glitches? [Updated]

Several readers noted that Apple's iTunes Music Store has had some strange behavior this morning with song and genre links behaving erratically. The problem appears to be corrected at this time.

In addition, several users noted a surprising pricing discrepancy at the online Apple Store.

The rotating PowerMac G5 promotional graphic at the Apple Store appears to display Educational pricing for the PowerMacs reflecting significant discounts from retail prices. These numbers however are not reflected in the actual ordering system and appears to represent a simple mistake... the graphic (now corrected. copy of image) is essentially the same as the educational store image.

While some are speculating that this may hint at future discounts, there is little evidence to suggest this. Readers are reminded, however, that Apple is planning a November 28th instore event with discounts on iPods and music related items at a minimum.

Update: Pricing corrected at Apple's site.

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