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Pixar Moving to Mac OS X?

A number of independent reports have indicated the same thing... that Pixar is moving to Mac OS X...

Readers may remember a report in February in which CNet reported that Pixar was moving from Sun servers to Intel based servers for their render farms. At present, this will remain unchanged. However, new reports (and one user Siggraph post) indicate that Pixar's internal applications and pre-visualiation software is moving to Mac OS X, and (presumably) to PowerMac G5's.

Pixar demonstrated Renderman OS X at Siggraph this year (with benchmarks between Xeon and G5 machines), and Architosh reports that RenderMan for OS X beta will be available in September, with the final version shipping later this year.

Meanwhile, Pixar's website reveals they are currently hiring a Mac OS X Migration Contractor at this time.

Pixar Animation Studios is the computer animation studio which created Toy Story, Monster's Inc, as well as Finding Nemo. Steve Jobs is the CEO of both Pixar and Apple.