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Panther Screenshots, Benchmarks, Details

- One FunMac thread posts some screenshots from the developer's release of Panther.

- An AppleInsider Newsbyte shows a shot of the Secure Deletion option which is detailed at Apple's Pages -- allowing you to overwrite multiple times for more security.

- One user submitted XBench benchmarks from their PowerMac G4 867 in both Jaguar (10.2.6) and Panther (10.3 build 7A179) benchmarks (Download here) -- while there were some significant differences in both directions, very little should be read into them as Panther is still in an early stage of development.

- Other notes (most info provided by gorman):

    - Panther UI seems faster (sheets smoother, window resizing very fast, mail, finder)
    - All apps do remain running with Fast User Switching
    - Expos updates apps contents live (in the small windows)
    - Keychains remember settings
    - New widget styles for many items such as tabs
    - Command-Tab App Switcher has a nice Graphical Interface (FunMac shot)
    - System Prefs grouped more Logically
    - New Ports Manager for ported unix software (FunMac shot)