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Apple's Music Event Webcast

In the days before the event, there were small hints that Apple workers were busy behind the curtain -- updating Apple's Streaming site so the mac faithful could view the announcements in real time.

In the hours before the event, a small slip (presumably) accidently revealed the Webcast url, and allowed it to be posted on this site... sadly, the stream may not have been able to handle the resources required or may have been deactivated. It's still unclear who (if anyone) the live stream was for.

After the event, a visit back to the same site [ URL Changed, see below ], now brings us a link to Apple's Music Event speech:

    Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs present announcements from the Moscone Center in San Francisco that will be music to your ears. See the MPEG-4 webcast presentation right here exclusively in QuickTime . It's an event you don't want to miss.

The link provides a good quality stream and is currently playing in a loop.

Update: Link has changed to Apple Music Event Webcast